Transfers out of Prague

Transfers out of Prague - Trips in the CR

In collaboration with our travel agency, we have prepared several interesting day trips to places in the Czech Republic and beyond.

Tours in the Czech Republic

(Prices are quoted in CZK)

Kutná Hora

MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
5400 4400 5000 7000
Kutná horaIn 1995, Kutná Hora was registered in the cultural heritage UNESCO. The pride of the city is a silver mine and two Gothic cathedrals. Since the 14th century the city competed with its economic performance even with capital Prague.


MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
4900 3500 3900 6900
KonopištěA romantic chateau with massive round tower was originally a castle built in the French style. Unique collection of property of the d’Este (historical weapons, hunting trophies, theme-famous collection of St. George). The castle stands in a large English park with a rose garden.

Hluboká nad Vltavou

MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
7800 6200 6600 9800
Hluboká nad VltavouThe former royal castle rebuilt to the castle of the Princes of Schwarzenberg. The reconstruction was carried out in the 19th century in the style of English Gothic Windsor. The castle is surrounded by a romantic park. There are rich collections and facilities in the interiors. There is Aleš South Bohemian Gallery located in the riding hall.

Český Krumlov

MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
9400 6200 7700 9800
Český KrumlovSouth Bohemian town with a castle complex, which in 1992 was included in the cultural and natural heritage UNESCO.The historic downtown offers a castle with burgher houses, large garden park with a unique garden theater with a revolving auditorium, castle and moat with bears.


MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
4400 3400 3500 6800
KarlštejnThe most important Czech castle built by Emperor Charles IV. It was designed for safekeeping the coronation jewels and state documents. At the core of the castle is a chapel of Saint Cross with a gallery of paintings by Master Theodoric, who represents the pinnacle of European Gothic style and is the most valuable and best preserved Gothic interior in the world. UNESCO monument.


MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
5900 3600 4600 6500
TerezínLate Baroque fortress, founded in 1780 with a classical style of military uniform and civilian buildings. A small fort used as a prison from the beginning was in 2nd World War II the largest concentration camp in Bohemia. Near Fort there is a National Cemetery of victims of fascist tyranny (an exhibition).

Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)

MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
7000 5500 6500 8500
Karlovy VaryBeautiful West Bohemian spa town with a famous medicinal hot springs, architecture and world-famous Moser glassworks.

One day trips abroad

(Prices are quoted in CZK)


MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
16500 11900 11900 16100
ViennaCapital of neighbouring Austria. City of magnificent architecture and romantic hideaways.


MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
18000 13000 13500 18500
SalzburgThe picturesque town in Austria, birthplace of W. A. Mozart.


MB – S MB – E Vito Sprinter
6900 5900 5900 9900
DresdenGerman gem offering everything from art galleries to shopping centres.

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